Why you should go cococrazy

What is all the fuss around coconut? Is it healthy? Is it unhealthy? Why are there so many mixed messages?

One of our expert speakers, Jenni Madison debunks the myths around coconut and explains why it should be a health tonic in every person’s daily diet. For years, there has been debate on whether coconut oil is a harmful saturated fat that causes heart problems.

Jenni debunks this myth by explaining coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid that creates balance, energy and growth and that saturated fats are actually very healthy for us.

Coconut oil can be used in cooking, smoothies, topical application, therapy, oil pulling and so much more. It is an all-rounder overflowing with health benefits from a jar that provides healing and balance to the body (if you choose the right source).

Jennies tips on coconut oil:

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is great for deep cleansing as it has detox benefits that transform oral health to draw out toxins. It helps to keep the body healthy by cleansing toxins that sit in the mouth.

Oil pulling benefits are really never-ending as they detox the body, cleanse the mouth and heal oral ailments, hence improving your general health. While sleeping, due to the prolonged period of closing your mouth, the damp oral cavity forms the perfect bed for bacteria growth. If you notice a funny taste in your mouth when you wake up, that is a sure sign of toxin accumulation. Should you have the habit of drinking a cup of water or coffee first thing in the morning, you will be flushing the toxins right down into your body.

To oil pull – as soon as you wake up, put a spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 15 – 20 minutes, this starts to draw out all the toxins, cleans the mouth and naturally eliminates any nasties. Whether you are healthy or not, it is impossible to be toxin-free, which is why this process can be so useful to our health.

It is recommended to oil pull once a day in the morning, ideally you should do it on an empty stomach. If you are working on a particular health issue, do it in the morning and night.


When you take coconut oil therapeutically, it creates stability and balance in the body. It has a natural medicinal, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties without having a negative side effect like most medications do. For yeast infections such as candida, coconut oil can be taken internally as well to help achieve a normal pH balance once again. Coconut oil also helps to heal a variety of skin conditions when you use a high quality grade oil, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne etc.


Coconut oil in smoothies, salads or in cooking with provides the body with essential fats to feed and fuel the brain, alkalises the body and cleanses the digestive system. Many people will do a coconut water fast to help cleanse and heal gut damage, skin damage etc due to its powerful properties. Coconut nectar, sugar and oil are staples in a raw food dessert. It also goes amazingly well in falafels and sweet potato.

Jenni’s mission now is to expand on the lifestyle of coconut oil to help families across Australia get the full benefits of the product range. Jenni now has coconut oil, nectar, vinegar, flakes, sugar and continually grows her product range.

She is regularly featured in magazines, a nationwide health and lifestyle speaker and one of The Real Food Revolutions expert industry speakers. Jenni’s staples she would not do without daily include oil pulling therapy, dandelion coconut oil, raw chocolate, coconut vinegar, raw desserts, lemon and coconut water.

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