Tips for living healthy on a budget

Have you been tuning in to The Real Food Revolution webinar series that we are currently running for FREE every Wednesday night in the month of August? Last Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have the wonderful Jen Shaw from Barefoot Kitchens to join us.

During the webinar, Jen shared with us some very practical tips to living on a budget. By adopting these simple and handy principles, you too can be healthy on a budget. Here are 3 top tips from Jen:

1. Organise and plan ahead
Spend some time planning your weekly or fortnightly meals, shop according to your meal plan and spend a few hours in the kitchen preparing meals that keep well in the fridge and freezer. Investing a few hours mapping out your meals for the week is the key to maintaining a healthy body and saving on your finances.

2. Eat with the season
Fresh produce and even eggs are not only cheaper and in abundance when they are in season; they are also filled with more vitamins and minerals too. Familiarise yourself with what produce is in season every quarter to take advantage of cheaper and better quality produce.

3. Do not waste a thing
Finish leftovers at breakfast or lunch the next day or re-purpose them into a delicious dinner the following night through smart tricks. Create fritters out of leftover meat from the previous night. Use bones leftover from roast to form the base of your next stock or broth. Freeze left over coconut milk or other sauce bases. You can stretch your dollar easily as long as you know how.

Jen Shaw is an author, recipe developer, speaker and mum to 7 little people. She is passionate about helping families achieve better health independently through providing delicious and practical real food recipes and sharing her crazy journey through life on her blog Barefoot Kitchens. Armed with a focus on keeping it real, Jen provides a refreshing and practical insight to health, wellness and finding your happy place.