Four factors raise our ability to eat intuitively

Those of you who were lucky enough to see Dr Helena Popovic live at our Cairns event, would have been inspired by her wisdom and interactive presentation, where she educated us on the science of ‘neuroplasticity’ – how to change and boost brain function. She has an amazing blog, and today we share with you her tips for optimal health through thinking outside the plate:

Sweeteners cause hyperactivity and insomnia

1. Regular good quality sleep
If we are sleep-deprived, everything in our lives deteriorate – our immune system is weaker, our decision-making skills erode, our hunger hormones are elevated and we have less to give to others.

2. A sense of purpose
This refers to feeling that our lives matter and that we are making a positive contribution to others. Are you doing what matters most to you? How can you do more of the truly important things with the people you care about?

3. Feeling connected to other people and surrounding ourselves with enriching relationships.

4. Enjoy daily physical activity
This has the opposite effect of sleep deprivation. Our bodies function better in every way, our brains are sharper, we have more energy and we feel better about ourselves. All these lead to eating better instinctively and having more to give to others. Engaging in thirty minutes or more of your chosen physical activity every day is a steep goal, but any exercise is better than nothing.

My point is NOT that food does not matter, it is that we need to shift our focus to the true foundations of good health - sleep, purpose, relationships and activity. These four factors will raise our ability to intuitively know what to eat. Just like the rest of the animal kingdom.

 Helena Popovich in studio ©Brendan Read 2013

Helena Popovich in studio ©Brendan Read 2013

Dr Helena is the founder of a groundbreaking weight loss program called ‘Winning at Slimming – Thinking the Light Way’. Dr Helena’s program is very unique in how it applies the latest discoveries in brain science to body weight management.

Visit Dr Helena’s website for more healthy inspiration.